I want to work with you!

This post is also available in Polish

That’s great! There’s a big chance that it will happen :-)

Well. I’m not looking for any other work right now. But let me know if you want to talk anyway.


What I bring to the table

Great communication. A good understanding of each other is the basis for me. I put pressure on needful and concise contact – without wasting time.

Problem solving. I think analytically and I have a great deal of knowledge – a combination that allows me to find solutions for many problems, both technical and human.

Strong commitment to the project. I need challenges and I want to see other people enjoying my work. This is my driving force.

Excellent planning. I see dependencies, I break them down into tasks and distribute them according to skills. The work is done on time.

Extensive practical knowledge. Both in the field of project management, team leading and software development. I know and I use Agile project management methodologies: Scrum and Lean. I know and I use PHP, JavaScript, MongoDB. I also know Python, Perl, C++, Java, NoSQL and Android. I am learning GO and Unity. I know design patterns and best coding practices.

What I expect on the table

Challenges. Throw the problems at me and let me propose a solution. Let me be involved in the design, not just “doing”.

The Big Picture. I like to see the whole, so that I know exactly where my work is set and it’s easier for me to make my work fit into the work of others. Let me know the current challenges and plans for future.

Relatively stable assumptions. When the environment changes, the project changes – it’s natural. But a diametrical change in the assumptions every week, for three months, means that no one really knows what they want to achieve and everybody is all stressed out – I don’t want to work that way.

Possibility to telecommute. Sometimes it’s best for me to work at home – I have my tasks and I want to focus on them. Let me – I ensure you that they will be done faster than if I was sitting in the office.

Acceptance of hours. I am an owl, my peak working hours are around 11AM-6PM (UTC +1), and then around 10PM-3AM (UTC +1). I do not have to work like this every day, but these hours are the best for me.

This is my honest approach, and my negotiating position. If, after reading this, you want to work with me – let me know.

I’m also on LinkedIn.